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5733 Yellowhead Hwy

Kamloops, BC

V2H 1T8

This agreement is between ___________________________________________ (the “client”)

and SaskAdrenaline Outfitters Ltd. (3 pages)
Full Name: _____________________________________________
Date of birth: ___________________________________________

Address: _______________________________________________
Home phone number: ___________________________________
Cell phone number: _____________________________________
Work number (optional): _________________________________
Email address: __________________________________________
Height: ___________________ Weight: ______________________
Hunting/Marksmanship experience: _________________________________________________________________________________
Special food requirements (if any): _________________________________________________________________________________

Hunt species:_____________________________________________________________
Location: ____ Deschambault Lake, SK ____ Grande Cache, AB
Arrival Date: _______________ First Day Of Hunt: _____________________
Last Day Of Hunt: ________________ Leaving Camp: ____________________
____ Crossbow ____ Compound Bow ____ Rifle ____ Muzzle loader
PAYMENT (All fees are in US funds, unless otherwise stated):
Cost of hunt (includes meals and lodging while in camp, professional guide services and trophy preparation):

Total Cost                                                                                                            $_______________  Non-Refundable Deposit* (minimum of 25% due at the time of booking) $_______________
Method of payment: _________________________________________________________________________________
Half of the remaining balance due 90 days after the initial deposit.        $________________
**For hunts booked more than one year in advance, SaskAdrenaline Outfitters Ltd. require half of the remaining balance due by January 1st of the year you are scheduled to hunt.**
The remaining balance of your hunt must be paid in full 6 weeks prior to your hunt.
SaskAdrenaline Outfitters Ltd. will only hold space with a deposit and a completed and signed copy of this agreement.


If client cancels, SaskAdrenaline Outfitters Ltd. shall be entitled to retain all payments received as compensation for expenses and damages incurred as a result of the client’s cancellation. However, the funds may be transferred to another hunt with SaskAdrenaline Outfitters Ltd. if there is significant cancellation notice or the cancellation is due to a family or medical emergency. This will be up to the discretion of Mike and Erin at SaskAdrenaline Outfitters Ltd.


The guest is responsible for the cost of tags and licenses needed for the hunt. The tags and licenses are subject to price change made by SERM or RELM.


Handguns are not allowed in Canada. Accordingly the guest agrees not to bring any handguns to SaskAdrenaline Outfitters Ltd. facilities under any circumstances. Possession of a handgun will constitute a breech of this agreement and entitle SaskAdrenaline Outfitters Ltd. to cancel this agreement without refund.
Charges, if any, made by the governing authorities will be the responsibility of the guest.


Neither SaskAdrenaline Outfitters Ltd. nor the guest may assign this agreement without written consent of the other, which consent shall not unreasonably be withheld.



SaskAdrenaline Outfitters works very hard to manage our trophy populations to ensure each and every client gets the animal they deserve for years to come. Because of this we have implemented hunting requirements and equipment minimums to minimize the risk of wounding animals in our camp. Only high powered rifles, compound bows or crossbows are allowed in camp. Any rifle calibre capable of shooting a 150 grain bullet or bigger are permitted for bear camp and 180 grain or bigger for the wilderness camp. At spring bear camp the shots are within 25 yards and a low powered scope or no scope at all are recommended. Minimum requirements for archery equipment are a 45 lbs draw weight with a broad head cutting diameter of 1 1/4” or bigger. Expandable broad heads with at least a 2” cut are highly recommended at bear camp. When each guest arrives in camp they will have to qualify in front of a guide that they are capable of shooting a
3 inch group of 3 arrows at 20 yards with their archery equipment. They will not be allowed in the stand until this is achieved or they have the option of hunting with a rifle that is provided at camp for their hunt. If the guest shoots an animal and draws blood while hunting with SaskAdrenaline Outfitters. The hunt is over UNLESS the original bear you shot returns to the site and is back on the trail camera. A wounded bear generally returns back to the easiest food source and because there is so little pressure here the bear will normally return during daylight hours. Every single site has a camera and the site will be closely monitored after you shoot. There have been numerous bears over the years which have been wounded and then harvested. Its amazing how many bears return to the site by the next morning!

As partial consideration for this contract, the guest hereby for himself/herself, his/her heirs, executors, administrators and assigns, waives and releases any and all rights and claims for damages the guest may have against SaskAdrenaline Outfitters Ltd. or any agent or employees thereof or any other person associated therewith for any and all injuries or damages which may be received or suffered by the guest by  reason of any event or activity connected with the subject matter of this contract. The guest hereby being aware of the risks, voluntarily assumes all risks associated with this activity and certifies that the guest is physically and mentally fit and capable of participating in the rigorous activities contemplated by this contract.


By signing this both parties agree to the above terms and conditions.


X __________________________________________________________ Date ________________
(Client signature)



X __________________________________________________________ Date ________________
(SaskAdrenaline Outfitters Ltd. Authorized Signature)


Thank you and happy hunting!
Mike and Erin

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