Wilderness Moose Hunts In Alberta, Canada

We offer top quality moose hunts in Alberta's most remote, untouched wilderness on the edge of the rocky mountains with little hunting pressure. If you want a great chance at a 50 " bull, this hunts for you!


Our all inclusive moose hunts are during the rut in late September and early October. We hunt by calling the big bulls in close. To have a moose come to a call is one of the most exciting moments you can ever have hunting.


The moose in our area can grow over 60" and can be very spectacular with long, wide paddles, and big fronts! There have been multiple moose taken in this area that have exceeded the Boone and Crockett minimum!


Your heart's pounding with the greatest adrenaline rush of your life, as that 1,500 lbs bull heads straight for you, grunting and breaking branches along the way. 

Peak Of The Rut Moose Hunt





These general season moose tags come into effect the day after archery season ends.  These tags are very limited and give you the opportunity to hunt the peak of the rut with any weapon, and the temperatures falling below freezing. This is the very best time to hunt these incredible animals with plenty of bull moose seen and heard during the course of your hunt. A 50" bull is very attainable at this time and with only three permits a year we try to target some big bulls! Moose exceeding the 60" mark have been taken in this area in the past. SaskAdrenaline Outfitters have taken multiple Boone and Crockett bulls over the last ten years here.


Seven day 2:1 combo trophy hunt


This combo hunt includes seven days of fully guided moose, whitetail, mule deer and wolf hunting, wall tent accommodations, meals, plus trophy preparation. This is a 2 on 1 guided trophy hunt meaning there will be 2 hunters per 1 guide. You will be the only two hunters in camp and with seven days of hunting during the peak of the rut this gives us plenty of time to harvest two great bulls. You are responsible for licenses (Wildlife certificate $68.22, wolf / Coyote license $12.40, whitetail license $203.84, and mule deer license $203.84, and a Moose license $310.30 CAD funds), travel to and from camp (4 1/12 hour drive from Edmonton, or a 1 1/2 hour drive from Grande Prairie), and 5% GST.


The price of this package is $12,000 US.

Availability for 2023:


Sept 23rd (arriving in camp) - Full


Sept 3oth (arriving in camp) - Full


Availability for 2024:


Sept 23rd (arriving in camp) - Oct 1st (leaving camp) - 2 openings


Sept 3oth (arriving in camp) - Oct 8th (leaving camp)  - 1 opening


Archery Moose Hunt

The only thing more exciting than hunting giant bull moose in the rut, is doing it with nothing but the old stick and string! 


Moose hunting at this time of the year can sometimes be the most productive when the bulls are just starting to search for cows. A lone bull is more susceptible to come into a cow call than one that has already found a mate, and depending on the mood hes in you may get quite the show! Generally your best times to hunt are early morning and just before dark but if you get some cooler weather especially mixed with some precipitation the hunting can be incredible all day. 


This is a 2 on 1 guided trophy hunt meaning there will be 2 hunters per 1 guide. You will be the only two hunters in camp hunting the best best week for archery moose.


The hunt includes seven days of fully guided archery moose hunting, hotel accommodations, meals, rifle wolf/coyote hunting, and trophy preparation. You are responsible for licences (Wildlife certificate $68.22, bow hunting permit $23.20, wolf licence $12.40, and a moose licence $310.30 CAD funds), travel to and from camp (4 1/12 drive from Edmonton, and a 1 1/2 hour drive from Grande Prairie), and 5% GST.


The price of this package is $7500 US 

Availability for 2023:


Sept 16th (arriving in camp) - Sept 24th (leaving camp) 

2 openings

Availability for 2024:


Sept 16th (arriving in camp) - Sept 24th (leaving camp)

2 openings


We take a lot of pride in our camps making sure you are kept comfortable while enjoying the wilderness experience. Our camps are kept neat, clean, and organised. Camp has generator power complete with lights, plugins, and a few electronic comforts of home.


Each tent has cots, mattresses, and a wood stove with a well stocked wood pile. Bring a nice warm sleeping bag, as nights may get down into the 'teens!


While at camp we make sure you are well fed, warm, and dry. Our camps are set up right in the area of the animals we are hunting. Camp is off the beaten path but easily accessible.

Accommodations put you right in their back yard