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Our Best Bear Season Yet!

What an incredible spring bear season we had again for 2013. The first week started out with all six hunters tagging out by Monday! the rest of that week was a blast hanging out with the Norway and Pittsburgh crew. It was their first trip hunting in Canada for the Norway guys and I think it suprised them to be tagged out so quick. The guides were busy in and out of the bush that night getting their bears and the next day we were very busy skinning! The next two weeks at the trophy camp were just as exciting with our average bear not far from seven feet! Pat Hendrixson came for a colored bear and took home a giant Cinammon boar which she made a great shot on. And the year ended with both Dale and Diane Hassinger taking bears over seven feet on the same night with Dales bear weighing over five hundred pounds! I was lucky enough to be sitting with Dale that night and caught the excitement on camera.

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