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Three Consecutive Boone And Crockette Years For Alberta Moose!

Well, we just arrived safe and sound back home after another great year at the wilderness camp. Its a good thing too becuase when we left the snow started to fall and there was already about 4 inches on the ground as we packed up camp. Anyways, I hope everyone had a great time and are happy with the end results. The year started with my guide Lane phoning me about three weeks before the start of the elk season and told me the elk were already starting to gather up cows which is quite early. We were kind of worried about what the elk rut would be doing our first week but still worked as hard as we could to put elk in front of the hunters. Lane had a good 300" inch legal bull in front of Bob and Griffin the first day but decided to pass thinking it would only be the start. But as luck would have it things slowed down as the week went on. I had a few bulls bugling but only two that were close calls with one bull at 35 yards for about 10 mins bugling and thrashing trees but it was so thick we never even seen if he was legal. Tony had a close call on at least a 170" whitetail but never got to pull the trigger. other than that lots of other critters were spotted during the week for everyone.

The next week the weather started to cool down and Lane called in a beautiful bull elk for Joey to 35 yards. He made the shot count and went home with a 328" great bull elk for his first ever elk hunt. Along the way they also called in a few bull moose to within bow range including a couiple of giants! I had two hunters with me, Joe and Joe, one with a moose tag ang the other both deer tags. It was the most exciting week I have ever had calling in ten bulls and the three of us seeing over 15 different bulls that week. A few close calls and finally on the fourth morning we had a monster bull in front of us and I quess it wasnt meant to be because the bull got away with only a flesh wound. I felt so bad for Joe Jr and wished things had gone differently but thats hunting. I was able to get great footage that week and will be uploading it here after deer season. We spotted Whitetail and Mule deer bucks but each time Joe Sr was either in a ground blind or in another truck. That seems to be the way it goes sometimes. Dave was guiding Chip also that week for moose and the two of them were not able to capitalize either.

The final week had the weather cool right down below freezing and started off with a bang. Travis, Bobby, and their guide dave didnt waist anytime and had a 41" bull moose on the ground first day and Travis couldnt be any happier. Meanwhile Troy Gary and I called in a beauty Bull to within 60 yards and Troy was able to put an arrow into him. It was a little too far forward and the bull got away. We searched the whole next day with everyone and after tracking we are sure the bull will be fine since the arrow just hit him low in the brisket. Taylor and his guide Lane had a mid 40" bull in front of them and decided to pass. They were rewarded on the next day with an absolute monster 197" bull. This thing is a giant with incredible fronts and six on one front alone! The next three days were slow with a front moving in but when that cleared there were critters everywhere! Lane Troy and I put a stalk on a giant bull after Taylor spotted it bedded down with three cows. Everything went perfect and Troy made an incredible shot with his rifle and put the bull down with one shot. That bull also had incredible fronts and went 180"s. Again I was able to get great footage of both hunts and am excited to post it to youtube.

What a great end to a great year! Thanks again to everyone for everything and cant wait to see everyone again next year!

Now onto deer season.......

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