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2015 bear season, what an incredible year!

What a year a year for SaskAdrenaline Outfitters. Week one ended with each hunter tagging a Pope and Young bear, and the second week went seven for seven as well on some giants! The first night started with four of the seven tagging out including Troy's 6 1/2' cinnamon giant we nicknamed grizzly. This old warrior had no teeth left and went 20 2/16" on the skull. Next was Bobby's seven footer with a 18 13/16" skull and his son also tagging out with a six footer with a 17 8/16" skull. Kyle and Adam sat together the first night and had one heck of a show as Kyle tagged out on a 6' 2" boar with a 18 13/16" head. Two nights later Brooks and I headed into a stand and could have tagged out on his huge boar from the ground before I could even move the bike from the bait. But we jumped into the stands and sealed the deal from there on a 6' 2" boar with a 19 1/16" skull. Two nights after that Bryce and Adam tagged out two great boars. Bryce's cinnamon went 6' 1" with a 17 10/16" skull. And last but not least was Adam's monster black with a 50" chest and 6' 10" nose to tail. The skull went 19 3/16"s. The best part about the whole year for me was every shot was a textbook kill, with each bear expiring within 30 seconds of being hit. We had a blast this year and made some lifelong friends with a great group of guys! Thanks again and look forward to next year!

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